Sep 112016
Little Snake Loves Burrowing In Sand

Jenny Gaines bought her tiny pet Kenyan Sand Boa snake Waffle a new toy. A mini replicate of those turtle sandboxes for kids. Naturally, the little slithering guy loves digging in the sand. 

This cute pet video has gone viral with over 2.5 million hits this weekend!


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Dez 102013
Four Cable Machine Draws Elaborate Art In Sand

David Bynoe constructed this cable driven drawing machine for the Telus Spark Science Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

The impressive drawing machine is comprised of four cables in the shape of an ‚X‘ with four motors to manipulate a large metal ball in the center. Using a special computer, elaborate and intricate art can be formed by dragging the metal ball in sand. 

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Jan 222013

This adorable video by عاشق سفر was posted online in 2011, but has recently enjoyed a surge of viral viewership. Two young Arabic sister play with a fennec fox in the desert while dad records. Viewers simply can’t get enough of the adorable mouse-bunny-fox hybrid digging a hole next to the girl to cuddle up closer.  


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Apr 172012

This two year old video by Max Lamb has recently exploded online. Max shows us the ancient art of sand casting, where you form a shape in the sand, and then pour molten metal into the cracks. Once it cools, you have yourself a sweet piece of furniture you made yourself. In this case, a pewter stool.

Max had this to say:

„Inspired by a childhood spent on the beaches of Cornwall building castles, boats and tunnels in the sand, I decided to return to my favourite beach at Caerhays on the south coast of Cornwall to produce a stool using a primitive form of sand-casting. Molten pewter was poured into a sand mould sculpted directly into the beach by hand, and once cooled the sand was dug away to reveal a pewter stool.“


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