Jun 242012

Ryan Combe is trying to run for Congress as a Democrat where they make conservative people. Utah. He needs all the help he can get, so, like many others politicians before him, he has turned to the Internet to spread his message to the young, liberal crowds online. 

In this political ad for Ryan Combe that has gone viral, a young man comes out out of the closet to his conservative parents… as a Democrat. Naturally, they are crushed. 

Politics aside, it is an entertaining parody that is spot on.


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Jun 212012

The Internet is no stranger to The Most Interesting Man In The World commercials for Dos Equis beer. From there came the popular Internet meme, „I don’t always X, but when I do, I Y.”

Conservative political group  saw a perfect opportunity to poke fun at President Obama and propagate their message by making a negative parody of the popular beer commercial, titled The Most Arrogant Man In The World.


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Mai 312012

As usual, the politically charged Fox And Friends program is being hailed as heroes on the Right, and as propagandists on the Left.

After releasing a four minute ‚Then and Now‚ video covering Barack Obama’s presidency, some on the Left are already calling the clip a Fox News political attack ad. 

What do you think? Too far, or Fox was right on the mark?


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Mrz 272012

John McNaughton first went viral in 2010 with his painting of Barack Obama standing on the constitution, titled The Forgotton Man. Now he has reemerged in this election year with his latest work that also is now trending, titled One Nation Under Socialism. Read more on LATimes


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Mrz 082012

For months, Mitt Romney was considered the shoe in Republican Presidential Nominee, but the tortoise Rick Santorum has surprisingly taken the lead.

Conservative country musicians  from Oklahoma published Game On on Super Tuesday in support of their choice for the president, Rick Santorum. Their song already has 80,000 views, but has overwhelmingly more dislikes, around 3,700,  than likes, about 600. The video is featured on blogs like Gawker, Tosh.0, and VideoGum


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