Feb 202015
Weatherman Freaking Out Over ‘Thundersnow’ Auto Tune Remix

Just last weekend, The Weather Channel went viral when their video of meteorologist Jim Cantore freaking out over thundersnow hit the Web. That clip stands with over 3.5 million hits! After being begged by their fans, Schmoyoho, the crew most famous for Auto-Tune The News, recreated the viral video as an epic music video


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Dez 152014
Conan Season 4 Supercut Is Outrageous

Conan has made it an annual tradition to review the past year of his show in one outrageous super cut of epic proportions. This year is no different. So sit back and grab the popcorn, because this year’s season 4 super cut remix will blow your mind. 


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Dez 152014
Pop Danthology 2014 Pop Music Year In Review

Every year, pop music fans patiently await Daniel Kim’s pop music year in review video. For 2014, Daniel packed over 60 hit tracks into one epic remix. Pop Danthology 2014 features artists like Iggy Azalea, Beyoncé, Maroon 5, Sia, and many more! You are guaranteed to listen to this remix over and over! 


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Dez 082014
Science Experiment Remix Music Video Will Blow Your Mind

By harnessing the power of musical vibrations, different patterns can be created. Musician and science geek Nigel John Stanford demonstrates this phenomenon in his latest music video in which he performs mind blowing science experiments while creating epic and catchy music. He calls his music video Cymatics, and has already amassed over 1.3 million hits over the past three weeks!


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Dez 032014
United State Of Pop 2014 Pop Music Mash Up

There were countless hit pop songs this year, some slow and soulful, others catchy and fast paced. Somehow, music genius DJ Earworm mashed all of the past year’s most popular hits into one single mash up song which he calls Do What You Wanna Do. Samples from over 20 pop songs from 2014 are showcased, including Talk DirtyFancyShake It Off, and many more! Did your favorite make the cut?


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