Jan 272016
The Chickening

The Shining is one of the most famous horror movies ever made. Quotes like, „Here’s Johnny!“ are still apart of the culture at large. Nick DenBoer must have had a bad dream after eating too many chicken nuggets, because he was inspired to create this super creepy and weird remix of The Shining starring lots and lots of chickens. It’s The Chickening!


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Jan 142016
The Building Is On Fire Auto Tune Remix

It’s been a long while since the Web has seen a local news report interview go viral. But it’s been worth the wait. The local news interviewed Michelle Dobyne after her building caught on fire. Her interview was pure viral go, so naturally, the Gregory Brothers, aka Schmoyoho, autotuned the interview. This music video has instantly gone viral with over 1.2 million views already!


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Dez 042015
The Entire Star Wars Series Summed Up In Just Three Minutes

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t seen Star Wars. It’s like finding someone who has never had Coca-Cola before. But even though most of us have seen Star Wars, not everyone knows the entire story very well. There are six movies after all. To get everyone ready for the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakes, Eclectic Method made this quick and easy review of the plot of the entire series in just three minutes


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Okt 092015
Robert Tilton Music Video Is What The Internet Was Made For

Televangelist Robert Tilton is famous in the Christian community for his religious television shows, but he might be even more famous online for something not as inspiring. Back when the Internet was just a toddler, an ingenious editor took video of Robert Tilton and perfectly added farting noises. That older video is an Internet classic. 

Now, music remix artist Pogo has made a new music video featuring Robert’s ridiculousness. 


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Aug 112015
Getting Ready In The Morning Remix

We all get up in the morning with the same tasks at hand. Take a shower, get clean, shave and get dressed. Music producer Andrew Huang somehow made a catchy remix from his morning routine with the help of his new Sony camera. 

Now that’s one way to start your day energized. 


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