Sep 272016
Glove Compartment Playing Jazz

Even though this clip of Duncan de Heusden is titled „My Car Plays Light Jazz (and I play along)“ it isn’t his car. He just found the clip and sound and remixed it to be a piece of jazz music. Just so you know, because facts are important and stuff.

„Something I made because I lack a purpose in life“

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Sep 162016

Bobby Burns and Dustin McLean from CineFix have gotten Monty Pythons „Holy Grail“ a new twist. If you cut the movie the right way and add some suspense score, you get a pretty damn good drama trailer. And thanks – now I have the urge to watch the original again.

„With the upcoming movie ‚King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ coming in 2017, we wondered if it might be better to just recut ‚Monty Python and the Holy Grail‘ as a crazy intense drama. So we did!“

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Mai 022016
M&M’S Remix Music Video

It’s been far too long. But after an extended hiatus, remix master Pogo has returned with a new project. This time, he teamed up with M&M’s and made this catchy remix of countless M&M’s commercials in honor of the 75th anniversary of the candy. 


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