Mar 262014
Grandfather Practices Wingmanning With Grandson

YouTube channel Young Old features a young dude and his grandfather who discuss modern relationship slang and issues. 

In this entertaining episode, Ethan explains what wingmanning is to Joe. The two even go through a practice run at home. It seems Grandpa Joe needs some more practice as he can’t help but pick up the girls himself. 


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Mar 252014
Firefighter Proposing To Teacher During Fire Drill Is Super Sweet

What better way to propose to your teacher girlfriend when you’re a firefighter than during a school fire drill

That’s exactly what firefighter Justin Deierling from Greentown, Ohio did. With all the other teachers and firefighters in on the surprise, he and his fire crew showed up at the school. Justin found his girlfriend Megan outside, dropped to one, and knee proposed. 



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Mar 032014
Instant Date Prank

YouTube prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with magician Jarek and singer Tiffany Alvord to pull off an epic social experiment

With a hidden crew, they ‘pranked’ random passersby at the beach with an instant date.

Whoever was pulling the prank would strip away their street clothes to reveal something much fancier while the team brought out stools, a table, drinks, pizza, candles–the works–all in a matter of seconds. 


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Feb 182014
Everyone Laughs After Guy Pulls Out Sign On Kiss Cam

The kiss cam is a viral video gold mine. But no one has ever performed a hilarious stunt like this guy at a recent Minnesota VS Michigan hockey game. 

While being recorded on the Minnesota Gophers kiss cam sitting next to a beautiful lady, one man pulled out a piece of paper. Finally, he opened the sign which simply read, “My Sister,” with an arrow pointing to her. 

The entire stadium, and now the Internet, burst into laughter. 


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