Dez 072013
‘Saturday’ By Rebecca Black And Dave Days Is The Sequel To ‘Friday’ No One Asked For

She’s back! The Internet always knew this day would eventually come.

Friday famous Rebecca Black teamed up with YouTube musician Dave Days to finally deliver a sequel to her first viral hit. 

Naturally, it’s titled Saturday.  


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Dez 032013
Rebecca Black Watches And Reacts To ‘Friday’ Years Later

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun on the Internet.

It may feel like just yesterday we all had Friday, Friday stuck in our heads, but it was actually over two years ago. 

Before she fully falls off the radar of the Internet, and because it was Black Friday (get it?), Rebecca Black has returned to re-watch and react to her mega million view meme sensation, and reminisce over the good times. And the bad. 


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Aug 042013

Pop punk favorite Dave Days stars in this How to Make a Viral Video music video which parodies the Smash Mouth one-hit-wonder All Star. The music video was put together by Soul Pancake in honor of YouTube Geek Week

Dave sings about how to make a video into a meme, and is joined by the likes of Rebecca BlackTay Zonday, and other famous YouTube faces. 


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Jul 122013

Remember Rebecca Black? The one hit wonder YouTube star has since slipped into the darkness after her viral Friday music video finally calmed over a year ago. 

She has recently resurfaced online with a cover of the new hit single We Can’t Stop By Miley Cyrus. After debuting her new cover video, she has garnered over 400,000 hits over the past week. 


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Nov 262012

 is of course the infamous singer of one of the most viralviral videos in Internet history, Friday. Now, the teen who became famous for her mediocre singing and ridiculous lyrics is trending again with her new song, In Your Words.

Amazingly, so far, the reception by viewers has been… positive. Quite positive. 

YouTuber Blake Czarnyszka even said: „I’m kind of mad that this is not as bad as I was hoping.“

YouTuber RECGVZLA added: „iam feeling really bad while typing this… but this was really good… Damn.“ 

The new music video debuted over the holiday weekend, and already has over 200,000 views. It is also covered by AceShowBiz, DirectLyrics, and HollywoodGossip.


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