Feb 262014
Boy Performs Shocking Impromptu Piano At Costco

While his parents were shopping at Costco, one young man decided to practice his piano skills. He surprised passersby with his impressive piano skills, and soon there was a small crowd surrounding him. 

Now, this video posted by Jonathan Velasquez in 2011 is going viral.


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Aug 192013

While visiting Frenchy’s restaurant in Clearwater beach, Florida, Red Line Charters swears he met the world’s best dock line handler. And the Internet seems to agree. 

Linda can tie a dock line in just a matter of seconds with just a couple wiggles of her wrist. Now, this video that was posted in January is trending more than ever. 


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Jul 092013

While motorbiking through the Rocky Mountains of Orem, Utah, avid motorcyclist Bossaucey stumbled upon a serendipitous moment.

As he passed a Ford Explorer, he noticed a white object on the left-most edge of the back bumper. Upon further investigation, he realized it was a coffee mug of milk most likely from the driver’s breakfast!

How utterly amazing as the vehicle was moving at a fast pace.  

So what did the biker do? What anyone would, of course! He picked the cup off the bumper, and gave it to the driver as soon as she noticed him holding her morning beverage–not a safe or simple feat. 

Now, the two month old video which he captured on his helmet camera has recently started to trend. 


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Mrz 292013

Aamon17 narrates this hilarious video of a Kung Fu Grandpa getting his „nunchuk kung fu panda on“ in the parking lot of a grocery store. Viewers are loving the hilarious scene, but it’s the epic narration that is launching this video into the viral video world. 

„Sunglasses. Ain’t no sun. It’s cloudy. Overcast.“


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Nov 292012

Steven Reed, the host of Weber Cooks, maybe the saddest ‚cooking show‘ host ever. He has just gone viral with his chili cheese recipe video which features two ingredients. A can of chili, and a bottle of yellow goo called ‚cheese.‘

Now, the very sad how to video has been featured on TheAwesomer, LaughingSquid, and Gawker


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