Jan 182016
Giant 22×22 Rubik’s Cube Is A World Record

When the original 3×3 Rubik’s Cube hit the market back in the day it was the original 3D puzzle. Soon, variations with four and even five rows began to circulate. But this is 2016, so professional puzzle master Corenpuzzle decided to take things to the max. Using his own 3D printer, he built the world largest Rubik’s cube measuring at 22×22! 


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Nov 232015
Kid Solves Rubik’s Cube In Less Than 5 Seconds

It seems every couple of months, a new prodigy breaks the record for solving the infamous Rubik’s cube. Lucas Cube is the latest young puzzle master to break the world record. Somehow the young mind solved the classic 1980’s 3D puzzle in a mind blowing 4.904 seconds at River Hill Fall 2015 in Clarksville, Maryland. Naturally, everyone in the room went wild!


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Jul 292015
Genius Kid Solves 7×7 Rubik’s Cube In World Record Time

Most of us can’t even complete a standard 3×3 Rubik’s cube after days of trying. But Feliks Zemdegs isn’t your average kid, he’s a world record Rubik’s cube enthusiast and solver. In this new video, he completes a monstrous 7×7 Rubik’s cube in just under 2:34. 


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Mrz 192015
Break Dancer Solves Rubik’s Cube While Spinning On His Head

Dutch teenager Justin Stomp is only fourteen years old, but he is already a very talented kid. Not only is he a great break dancer, but he is also a speed Rubik’s Cube solver. What’s truly impressive is that he has somehow merged his two passions. 

In this mind blowing video, Justin spins on his head for thirty seconds and completely solves a Rubik’s Cube. Wow! 


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