Mrz 082014
Deaf Pug Sings In Happiness When Owners Return Home

This adorable video has gone viral over the weekend, and has already garnered over 200,000 views

Vincent Prochoroff’s old pug is deaf so he sings a little strange. Nevertheless, he can’t help singing a happy tune to greet his owners when they return home. 


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Dez 082013
Home Alone Pug Puppy Version

What can be better than watching the Christmas classic Home Alone this holiday season?

How about a Pug puppy, or puggy, version! 

Pet obsessed The Pet Collective answered the prayer nobody asked for by making the spoof which has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!

Disney! What are you waiting for? 


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Aug 282013

Most dogs are simply terrified by the roar of a motorcycle. But not this tough pug. Paritosh Uttarwar’s dog has figured out how to move his ears in a way to shield them from the loud, harsh noise of cars and motorbikes. 

He caught his pug demonstrating his ear trick on camera when a motorcycle was revving its engine outside. 


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Mai 112013

What 90’s kid doesn’t remember watching Homeward Bound over and over? The 1963 remake tells the popular story of a group of dogs that become separated from their human family and have to trek home for miles.

As is Disney tradition, the movie ending is a serious tear jerker as the dogs finally reunite with their owners.

Pug obsessed Pugs Place loves showing the family film to his puppy Pugsley. As is evident in this 2008 video, Pugsley amazingly seems to follow the plot of the movie, dancing with excitement every time one of the dogs would reunite with their human friend.

Disney is so good, their magic even works on dogs.


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Mrz 202013

Alcolm1 published this adorable pet video last May, but it is trending now more than ever. Loca the pug suffers from a mild brain disorder, so she runs in a very messy, out of control manner.

The precious pug from Ireland ’sings‘ about her love of playing outside with canine friends in The Pug That Couldn’t Run. Naturally, the Irish-themed video was trending over the past St. Patrick’s holiday, and now stands with over 4 million views


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