Jan 152014
Peter Pan Actor Stops Play To Propose To Wendy In Real Life

Peter Pan actor Sandor Sturbl shocked the Glasgow audience he was performing for when he stopped the play to propose to his girlfriend.

What was even more surprising was that his girlfriend, Lilly-Jane Young, was also in the performance, playing the role of Wendy.

Lilly was understandably overwhelmed by the surprise proposal.

The emotional video published by Scottish Daily Record has instantly gone viral.


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Dez 202013
Man Makes Video Game To Propose

Video games used to be just for nerds, but today, nearly everyone plays at least a little.

Robert Fink wanted to propose to his girlfriend Angel White in a special way, so he teamed up with his programming buddy Ryan and his musician friend Jack to create a small, but fully functioning video game, appropriately called Knight Man.

Angel only took 12 minutes to beat the game, but she can be seen smiling the entire way through. 

The ending? Simply beautiful! 

The video is already featured on Yahoo, NYDailyNews, KATU, and PixelProposal


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Dez 172013
justin proposal

Kim originally thought she and her boyfriend Josh were simply lucky when Justin Timberlake picked them out from the crowd of thousands of roaring fans during The 20/20 Experience World Tour in Louisville, Kentucky to come on stage. 

But after being led into the spotlight, Justin spilled the beans. 

„Josh called me earlier, he’s got something he wants to tell you.“

Josh dropped to his knee and proposed. Of course she said yes though not much can be heard over the screaming cheers from the crowd.

Best. Wingman. EVER!


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Dez 092013
Chicago Bulls Cheerleader Surprise Proposal

During the Chicago Bulls game against the Miami Heat last Thursday, one Bulls cheerleader got the surprise of her life. 

In the middle of the cheerleaders choreography, the music changed to Bruno Mars‘ I Think I Wanna Marry You, and she was left standing in the middle of the stadium confused. 

She was sat down as her co-cheerleaders danced around her until finally her boyfriend dressed in a Bulls mascot costume revealed himself and popped the question. 

Over the weekend, the romantic video has gone viral with over 2.3 million views!


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Nov 282013
Proposing To Summer Short Film Will Leave You In Tears

„What do you do when your girlfriend knows that you are going to propose,“ asks Hey Payola.

You fake her out!

One filmmaker took his long time girlfriend to all their favorites places to enjoy sushi, music, and some romantic alone time, all while she anxiously waited for him to pop the question.

Only at the end of their date did he finally ask for her hand in marriage. 

He wore a wire and had his friends secretly record the entire night, and put together this emotional proposal short film for the Internet to get misty-eyed over. 

Now, the video is rightfully going viral!


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