Jul 132016
Inmates Save Prison Guard After He Passes Out

A group of prisoners at a Texas jail are being hailed as heroes after the guard on duty passed out without a pulse. The prisoners managed to break out of their holding cell and scream so other deputies could give the passed out guard life saving treatment. 


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Jun 142015
People Taste Test Prison ‘Loaf’ Food

Most people don’t realize just how bad prison is. The food is already awful, but if a prisoner is being punished, they might be served what has been dubbed ’nutraloaf,‘ a loaf of a mix of foods that delivers the day’s nutrition in the least appetizing way possible. BuzzFeed had a slew of people taste test some prison loafs to see what people think.


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Jul 212014
John Oliver On The American Prison System

The USA has a serious prison problem. It’s shocking to learn, but America actually has more prisoners than China! You know the ‚evil‘ communist country with over one billion citizens. So when did American become the prison capital of the world and why did our free country turn out this way? John Oliver of Last Week Tonight covers the topic in this viral segment


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Mrz 202014
Prison Compared With School Will Shock You

America has a very serious education and prison problem. It seems like the drop out rate and incarceration rate only increase year after year. 

While many kids feel like they are treated like prisoners at school, BuzzFeed demonstrates in this video that they might not be that far off. 

Of course, you get to go home at the end of the day at school…


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Nov 252012

The popular online pranksters and sketch comedy artists at , along with Tom Mabe, may have come up with their most ingenious prank yet.

The set up was simply a man in a suit, played by Tom, seemingly watching over a chained prisoner in the cliche full orange jumpsuit cleaning up garbage around town.

Once they were sure they had an audience, the ‚guard‘ would have a fight on the phone and quit his job, leaving the prisoner in public surrounded by terrified passersby.   

Already, the five day old video has over 1.2 million views


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