Jun 242013

This video was actually published online by Fariba Motaghi two years ago, but has been trending over the weekend. 

Persian dad found his adorable young son snooping around the freezer early in the morning. When confronted with the fact that he was obviously going after the frozen sweets, the little ‚thief‘ answered, „I came here to see if the popsicles were melting.“

Toddler logic is truly adorable. Finally, after fully interrogating the kid, soft-hearted dad OK’s the early dessert.

Now, the video has appeared on DailyPicks, Awesomer, and HuffPost


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Jun 282012

 had a great trick to get entice their adorable baby girl to crawl. With a delicious, icy cold grape Popsicle, dad lured his baby girl to crawl across the carpet. She may have lost attention for a moment, but in the end, she kept her eyes on the prize.

The from 2009 is only gaining attention now after being shared on SayOMG.


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Mai 232012

Now that it’s summer, it’s time for ice cream and popsicles. But learning to ask for a popsicle isn’t as easy as you might assume.

Just check out this adorable video of two toddlers learning to properly pronounce ‚popsicle.‘ The clip is starting to spread across the blogosphere after being shared by TO, LaughingSquid, and Reddit.  


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