Sep 292016

Haha, this edit by Amelia Burger is pure gold! 🙂

„In the latest installment of BACK TO THE FUTURE, B̶i̶f̶f̶ T̶a̶n̶n̶e̶n̶ Donald Trump travels back in time to CRUSH John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Richard M. Nixon in the first televised debate by secretly using debate strategies he learned from a 2016 Almanac.“

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Sep 292016
Adam Ruins Border Walls

„Why Building a Border Wall Makes No Sense“ is pretty much self-explainatory. Host Adam Conover of „Adam Ruins Everything“ tells us how it is – and got nearly a million with on this clip already. So you could call it „Why Speaking About the Fact that Building a Border Wall Makes No Sense Does Make Sense“. Or so.

via: theawesomer

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Sep 282016
Katy Perry Votes Naked

Even though the choices this year seem to be like having to chose between a folk and a straw for sandbox toys, you should go voting on November 8th. If you are a US-citizen, otherwise on a different date – but as long as you go voting, everything is good. Even if you are Katy Perry…

„Just get out there and make your voice heard in whatever outfit seems appropriate!“

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Sep 242016
First Lady Michelle Obama Does Her Best Barack Impression

Being guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert the First Lady Michelle Obama showed off her impersonating skills, imitating her husband Barack.

„Turns out everyone in President Obama’s family does an impression of him, usually at the dinner table. But the leader of the free world would rather gossip.“

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