Jan 152014
Peter Pan Actor Stops Play To Propose To Wendy In Real Life

Peter Pan actor Sandor Sturbl shocked the Glasgow audience he was performing for when he stopped the play to propose to his girlfriend.

What was even more surprising was that his girlfriend, Lilly-Jane Young, was also in the performance, playing the role of Wendy.

Lilly was understandably overwhelmed by the surprise proposal.

The emotional video published by Scottish Daily Record has instantly gone viral.


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Jul 152013

A sea otter and a dog seem to apparently play a game of hide-and-seek in this newly trending video. Only now has the older video gone viral, garnering over 125,000 hits.

Yaknow75 posted the clip of a  sea otter repeatedly peaking its head out of the water near a boat dock as a Australian Cattle Dog would chase it down.  


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Jan 022013

New father Emio Tomeoni was home alone with his baby boy, and decided to set up a time lapse camera to record their family room play time together. Little did the Kansas man know he was making a viral video masterpiece. 

Already, Home With Dada has over 400,000 views, and is further featured on NYDailyNewsExaminer, and NineMSN.


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Dez 172012

Even though there has never been a successful performance in history, teachers and parents will continue to insist their kids participate in holiday plays and performances. Really, that’s most of the fun. The adorable chaos.

And this older scene published by RCCMinternational in 2006 is a perfect example.

While The Twelve Days Of Christmas played on the speakers, each child holding a piece of paper with the corresponding number on it was supposed to raise it when their number was sung. 

Apparently, that’s too much to ask for kids in daycare

Simply adorable. 


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Jul 262012

Proposal obsessed channel  tells the story of Chris and his girlfriend Paulette. The two actors play in a local theatre group, and after one Legally Blonde performance, Chris the UPS guy went rogue with the microphone.

His character and Paulette’s get married in the play, so it was even more ironic that he asked her to marry his real self on stage after performing. Naturally, she says yes, and we all live happily ever after. 


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