Sep 222016
Gigantic RC crash with turbine-powered Jet

Uff! This XXXL RC model turbine jet broke into millions of pieces midair. And no, this is not your costum little plane made of plastic. The huge RC jet in a scale of 1:2 weighs 100kg and has a lenght of 8 meters. I am corricting myself: It DID weigh and measure that much… Ouch!

(Inpatient people skip to 1:40…)

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Sep 202016
$21,000 first class airplane seat

Casey Neistat shows us his latest segment of „traveling in style“. Damn, that airplane seat did cost more then many people make in a year. And he was in there just for about 14 hours… Good thing he got a free upgrade on his ticket from Dubai to NYC. Lucky guy!

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Sep 032016
Flight Attendant Performs Hilarious Looney Tunes Impressions

There are few kids out there who didn’t grow up watching Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck duke it out. All the Looney Tune characters have such well known voices. This Southwest flight attendant used his time on the mic to share his perfect Looney Tunes impressions. 


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Aug 252016
Huge Airlander 10 Blimp Has The Softest Crash Landing Ever

If only all crash landings were this soft and quiet. The world’s biggst aircrasft ever, the 300 foot long Airlander 10 blimp, had to crash land during a test flight in England. The cockpit was crushed, but thankfully no one was injured. 


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Aug 142016
Lego Plane Crash In Slow Motion

What’s the best part of building towering cities with Lego? Smashing the it all to bits, Godzilla-style of cours. The Slow Mo Guys decided to play like kids again by building a Lego city and destroying it with a Lego airplane, all in super slow motion. 


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