Okt 292013
Ultimate A Cappella Pirate Medley

Prominent YouTube vocalists Peter Hollens and the Gardiner Sisters teamed up to conceive this Ultimate Pirate Medley.

With only their voices.

Over 100 vocal tracks were mixed and blended to create the amazing a cappella master piece

The music video was made with the help of online videographer Devin Supertramp, with Christian Busath playing Jack Sparrow. 


Thanks for the submission Bryce!

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Jul 272011

The Atlanta Braves beat the Pittsburgh Pirates all because of a horrible home plate umpires call. The Atlanta runner on third ran home when the third baseman threw to the catcher. The Pirates catcher touched the runner twice before he was even close to the plate, but the home plate umpire called it safe, giving the game win to the Braves.

Baseball needs the help of technology to not allow such horrible calls ruin the game. Why is there no replay camera for the umps to reconsider like in football? Read more of the story on NYDailyNews via Dave@Buzzfeed.


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