Okt 162013
Instantly Changing T-Shirt Color To Pink For A Kiss Magic Trick

Stuart Edge and Calen Morelli teamed up to pull off a new trick from Penguin Magic.

After affirming with girls on campus that a confident guy in pink is attractive and worthy of a kiss, the slick magicians twirled and instantly changed their shirts into pink t-shirts.

How did they do that??


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Mai 052013

Just Give Me A Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess quickly became a pop music staple after debuting in February. The music video currently stands with over 93 million plays. Naturally, countless covers and parodies have flooded the web since. 

So what makes this latest cover by Michael Henry & Justin Robinett so special? Besides for knocking the song out of the park musically, the duo musicians both switch from playing the same shared piano to their own drum set on each of their sides.  


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Mrz 242013

Pink fan DPPGirl was at the pop princess’s concert in Philadelphia last week when the starlet suddenly stopped the concert in the middle of singing her 2006 hit single Who Knew.

Apparently, a little girl was crying in the stands as the adults around her were fighting. So what did Pink do? Why, she offer the toy frog and Rice Crispy Treat by her side to cheer up the young child, of course!

„Because Rice Crispy Treats fix everything.“

Right you are Pink, right you are.  

Now, the week old video stands with over 2.3 million views


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Feb 062013

Pink, or P!nk as she is now requesting to be typographically presented, is the latest big name musician to instantly go viral after debuting a new music video. 

Just Give Me A Reason, featuring Nate Ruess of Fun, has quickly risen as one of the top trending videos of the day. 


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Aug 212012

It seems every season of The X Factor’s Idol Has Got Talent, where ever it may be taking place, there’s always one or two contestants who fail miserably and embarrass themselves on the international stage. 

On the current British X Factor, that contestant is Zoe Alexander. The singer had two chances to wow the judges, but fell short.

Instead of walking off stage like a mature adult with her head held high, she and her father charged the judges table and threw a temper tantrum, swearing, yelling, and cursing.

Now, Zoe has made all the headlines. But the bad kind. Her disgraceful behavior is covered on MirrorEntertainmentWiseDailyMail, and DigitalSpy.


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