Okt 032013
‘Piano Hero’ Offers Projections To Guide Player

It’s not a coincidence that countless online viewers immediately think of ‚Piano Hero‚ after watching this new video by New Scientist, as gamers can only be reminded of the once ultra popular Guitar Hero series. 

The new special piano has colorful keyboard projection system allowing beginners play like a pro. Colored bars ‚fall‘ with proper tempo to help guide players in a way a conventional notes never could. 


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Sep 252013
Living Piano At The Park

Remember the giant toy piano at the toy store in the Tom Hanks movie Big? The piano keys were so large that they were placed on the floor for musicians to play with their feet. 

TFO Canada took this concept to the next level by creating a giant living piano at the park. With one powerful vocalist standing at each key, passersby could ‚play‘ the piano just like Hanks.

Only all the music was man made. 

Though the video was published online three weeks ago, it is trending now more than ever. 


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Sep 182013
Super Mario Bros Music Played By Robot Piano And Drums

This nerdy music video by Robo Band was posted online in August, but is trending now more than ever!

The crew created a system in which the music for the classic Super Mario Bros. video game on Nintendo is played by a robo-piano and drum set. 

All the audio is interpreted by the computer and sent to be played on the piano and drums in real time. Even the sound effects.


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Sep 052013
Darth Vader’s Theme In Beethoven Style

This video posted online by Improv Electronic in 2009 is trending again now. The musical clip features pianist Richard Grayson who improvises a Beethoven style cover of Darth Vader’s menacing theme music from Star Wars on the spot at the request of an audience member.


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Aug 012013

Piano player and pop music lover Alfie Producer went viral over a year ago with his impressive cover of 40 pop music tracks on piano that were trending at the time. 

Now, he has returned with another pop music piano medley, covering the top 42 pop songs of 2013 so far. 


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