Okt 062016
Benedict Cumberbatch Does a Magic Trick

Okay, actually the actor only demonstrates a little physics rule, but it is quite neat and if you imagine him doing that trick not for Vanity Fair but in his role as Sherlock it becomes a lot more entertaining.

„Water can be cool, but Benedict Cumberbatch makes it cooler.“

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Jan 312016
Scientist Is Nearly Hit By Wrecking Ball To Prove Basic Law Of Physics

The law of conservation is simple enough, stating that energy can not be destroyed, only changed. Physicist Andreas Wahl demonstrates the law in this daring science experiment in which he lets go of a giant wrecking ball by his face and let it swing back at him. Even if you fully understand the science, it can still be very intimidating to let a giant wrecking ball swing right at you. 


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Jan 252016
Scientist Performs Daring Drop Stunt To Prove Law Of Physics

We all learn simple laws of physics in school, but how much do you trust them? Physicist Andreas Wahl literally put his life in the hands of nature by performing a daring drop with only a heavy weight on the end of a rope to stop his fall.

This video has gone viral with over 1.1 million views!


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Mrz 202014
Anti-Gravity Wheel

Derek Muller of Veritasium demonstrates the true power of gyro precession in this trending video

First, he shows just how heavy a forty pound flywheel is as even a college bodybuilder can’t hold it horizontally. But by spinning the hefty wheel a few thousand RPM, he is able to easily pick up the shaft and even hold it over his head. 


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