Feb 102016
Lego Machine Folds And Launches Paper Airplane

Ah, the paper airplane. It’s been around for almost as long as paper has. But only now with modern technology can you not only have a machine build a paper airplane for you, but also launch it! 

Arrow Five Years Out demonstrates in this viral video. 


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Mai 222015
Cardboard Airplane Really Flies

It’s always exciting to see your hard work finally pay off. Waddington35 and his buddy tirelessly worked to build a homemade remote control airplane made out of nothing but cardboard. Finally, at the moment of truth, they threw the plane into the air and it flew! Their giddy excitement is palpable. Now this video has gone viral with over 630,000 views!


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Nov 282014
How To Fold The World Record Paper Airplane

John Collins is known as The Paper Airplane Guy online, and truly lives up to his name. The paper airplane enthusiast has been honing and sharpening his skills for years and has finally created the most efficient paper airplane. Two years ago, he made it into the Guinness World Book of Records for the longest paper airplane distance. That video has over 3.75 million hits!

Now, he has stepped forward to explain how to fold the design for his record breaking plane which he calls the Suzanne. This video from March has only gone viral now with almost one million hits! So takes notes and practice, soon you will crush all your friends when you have paper airplane contests. 


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Okt 082014
Handheld Paper Airplane Folder And Launcher Is Awesome

There’s a lot of talk abut 3D printers these days, but what are they good for besides for printing silly knick knacks and toys? German paper airplane enthusiast Papierfliegerei demonstrates the true potential of 3D printing with this year old video that has only gone viral now.

Using his expertise, he built a handheld paper airplane launcher. The shooter takes a piece of paper and pulls it through a short assembly line until finally launching the new plane into the air. So cool!


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