Nov 182013
Bob Ross VS Picasso Epic Rap Battles Of History

Popular rap show Epic Rap Battles of History has finally returned with another rap-tastic episode!

This time, they pin the Internet’s favorite chilled painter, Bob Ross, against the historic and melancholy Pablo Picasso.


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Mar 272012

John McNaughton first went viral in 2010 with his painting of Barack Obama standing on the constitution, titled The Forgotton Man. Now he has reemerged in this election year with his latest work that also is now trending, titled One Nation Under Socialism. Read more on LATimes


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Mar 072012

If you want to be a true hipster artist, you can’t paint with a brush. That’s way to mainstream. Indian born Ani K was inspired to try painting differently after hearing of an artist who only used his foot. How did Ani one-up him? He uses his tongue. The 2008  report just had a second viral surge, and is featured on Neatorama, VideoGum, and TheDailyWhat


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