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Woman Apparently Disappears On Live TV

Aren’t optical illusions fun? During a sports news broadcast, viewers were stunned when apparently a woman in the background simply vanished! Of course, one can assume it was simply a coincidence that she walked away the moment the woman in the foreground did, but that’s not as fun. Now, this clip has gone viral with millions of views and countless copies of it in GIF form. 


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Dez 312015
Color Changing Cake Will Mesmerize You

Pictures and art that change color based on how the light hits them is nothing new. Every kid had a trapper keeper and folder with color changing dolphins and the like back in the 90’s. But color changing frosting on a cake?? 

It’s no surprise this clip of a delicious looking sheet cake that seems to change colors as it is spun has gone viral with over 350,000 new views!


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