Mrz 142012

Even as an adult, bubbles can only be described as magical. But most people probably don’t remember the first time they experienced the enchanting floating orbs. Lucky for 12 month old Lennon, parents  caught his amazed reaction on camera for all of us to enjoy.


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Mrz 022012

Some people are born with an obvious gift. So is the case with this adorable one year old who already is on a full size drum set. He plays along with a recorded song perfectly.

Update: if video has been taken down, here is a link to a copy.  


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Feb 122012

This video from 2009 just went viral last fall, and has been viewed almost one million times since October. The precious video is featured on Neatorama, IrenesInternet, and TheDailyWhat.

One year old Lise Linde Kronenberg is just learning, but she is already a concert pianist. She performs one of her best hits with the help of added string instruments. 


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