Jul 062012

 are famous for their Kids React series, where they interview kids after showing them a piece of current pop culture. They now have a new spin-off series, Elders React, where they often get even better responses quizzing seniors on the current trends. 

Their newest video Elders React To Dubstep has been an instant hit, and is featured on BlameItOnTheVoices, Examiner, and HuffingtonPost

Naturally, after the listening segment, the elders react as any good senior citizen would, using words like „Electronic nonsense“, „dark“,  and „unidentifiable“ to describe the phenomenon that is Dubstep.


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Mrz 132012

Grandparents attempting to use technology has always been an Internet favorite, especially when they use Photo Booth. Here’s a thirteen month old ultimate compilation of grandparents using the video distorting technology that has started to trend again on Digg, IEntertainMe, and TheDailyWhat


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Dez 112011

Old people are always viral gold. They just seem so lost in this new hi-tech interconnected world we live in called the Internet. Strange Internet fads and phenomenons like Dubstep music really confuses the elderly. „That’s music,“ Grandpa Al has to explain to grandma. 


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Okt 202011

Now that Facebook has gone fully mainstream, it’s largest growing demographic is no longer young people. They’ve all either joined, or decided they don’t want the service. Now, seniors are the ones flocking to Facebook. And whenever seniors try to use a computer service, there will be plenty of phone calls to sons, nephews, and grand kids on how to sign on. The video is featured on TastefullyO and StuffIStole.   


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