Okt 202015
Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids From New York And Los Angeles What They Think Of Each Other

For decades, there has been a strong rivalry between the two biggest cities on the coasts of America, namely New York City and Los Angeles. One has amazing pizza and big business while the other has delicious Mexican food and the best entertainment in the world. But forget the adults for a second. Jimmy Kimmel wanted to know what kids from these two great American cities think of each other, so he sent camera crews to the streets of both to find out


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Okt 132015
Rat And Pigeon Battle It Out In Brooklyn, New York

Everything is just so congested in New York City, it’s hard to go through the day without getting into a squabble with someone at least once. And apparently, this doesn’t only apply to humans. While walking the streets of the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, John Freund found a rat and a pigeon, the two unofficial animals of NYC, fighting a serious battle. The clip has instantly gone viral!


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Sep 232015
Squirrel Steals Milkshake From Trash

Just yesterday, the Internet exploded when a subway commuter captured a large rat carrying a slice of pizza down the stairs in New York City. Now, The Watercooler reports that there are other rodents taking part in this trend of eating human food. A squirrel in Madison Square Park found a delicious milkshake from Shake Shack in the trash, figured out how to open the lid, and pigged out. 


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Sep 222015
Rat Tries To Carry Slice Of Pizza Downstairs In NYC Subway

When one thinks of New York City, two things usually come to mind. Delicious New York City pizza, and disgusting and giant New York City rats. They’re both everywhere! Especially in the subway. Matt Little was travelling on the subway system when he found a rat attempting to carry a slice of pizza bigger than it down the stairs. Some imagine that the rat is Master Splinter attempting to bring a slice of delicious pizza home to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This video has instantly gone viral with over one million views!


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Sep 082015
Surprise Ballroom Dancing In Manhattan Crosswalk Prank

The street crosswalks in Manhattan are arguably the busiest in America, and one of the most congested in the world. That gave Improv Everywhere a great idea for their latest gag. They had apparent strangers ‚accidentally‘ bump into each other in a large crowd while walking across a busy street, and instead of simply going about their business, they burst into a very quick ballroom dance


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