Dec 172012

Bears have a bad name, and Bear3360 wants to change all that. She explains that most people think bears are dangerous, aggressive animals, but she knows they are actually timid and scared.

The New Jersey bear expert is so sure of herself, she confronted an enormous black bear alone in the woods with her camera rolling. While the bear chowed down on acorns, she explained how bears will ‘bluff charge,’ out of fear, and rarely ever actually attack a human.

More than once, the bear actually bluffs her on camera. She stands her ground, and the bear never actually strikes. All she has to do is walk towards the bear and raise her voice, and he runs away.  


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Nov 122012

In a genius marketing move,  published this time lapse video of one of their trains pulling Tropicana orange juice from Florida to New Jersey, which they rightfully title the GE Juice Train.

For more than forty years, orange juice has been transported 1,200 miles of rail from Bradenton, Florida to the Tropicana freight depot in Greenville, New Jersey. For this trip, the GE powered CSX train pulled 41 refrigerated carts of OJ, enough for every New Yorker to have a refreshing glass. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the conductor’s mesmerizing view of the 48 hour train ride in under three short minutes. 


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May 162012

Both Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and Mayor Cory Booker of Newark are very popular even though they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. 

In a fun way to satirize themselves and to show that Red and Blue could work together, the two political heads starred in this humorous web video published by the office of 

The political satire is covered on YahooNews, WashingtonTimes, and DailyBeast


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Apr 052012

Carmines Pizza Factory prides themselves for their authentic pizza experience. The owner of the pizza shop, Carmine Testa, just taught his seven year old son how to toss a pizza pie dough, and already the kid is ready for the pros. Chip off the ol’ block. The video is featured on MPViral


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Dec 292011

Like every company, American Traffic Solutions wants to use YouTube to their advantage. As they are a company that sells red light cameras to local governments so red light runner can be fined, they try to prove that they are helping the community and saving lives. They claim their cameras stop speeders and accidents, and to prove that, they posted this compilation of red light runners caught in New Jersey with their cameras. Does that make sense? The video went viral after being posted by Consumerist which was then picked up by TheDailyWhat


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