Feb 012016
Hidden Adult Jokes In Popular Disney Films

For a while now there have been a few pictures purportedly from popular Disney movies that contain inappropriate secret, subliminal messages. But you don’t have to go full on conspiracy to find adult jokes in Disney movies. 

Screen Rant lists ten dirty jokes from our favorite Disney feature cartoons in this clip. 


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Feb 152013

News blooper focused News Funnies has gone viralviral with another accidental, yet very inappropriate, innuendo slip by a news anchor in Canada

News anchor Lisa Dutton dug herself deeper and deeper into hole while telling a story how her son would soothe his teething pain with her vibrating toothbrush. Her counterpart’s eyes seemed to grow bigger in disbelief as she continued her innuendo-heavy story.

„Did she really just say and do that on air?“ his smile seems to ask. 


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Jan 232013

Like so many Americans, Johnnynapalm2001 was terribly curious about the European-popular bathroom cleansing device called the bidet. But now that the shame and embarrassment of buying the toilet add-on in person can be circumvented with Amazon, he decided to live life on the edge and try it out. 

After a minute of troubleshooting, he finally successfully sprays himself. And of course, his reaction is priceless. „It knows! How does it know where to go?“ he rhetorically questions after being hit directly. 

After testing out all the settings, he’s had enough. „Omg. I’m kinda shaking a little bit. That was weird. That was really weird.“

Yes, this is what the Internet was made for. The video has quickly gone viral today after being featured on Reddit


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Dez 162012

When the religious right annually complains that Christmas is becoming less and less of a spiritual holiday, most people simply brush them off. But maybe they’re onto something. 

Just check out this new Samsung Galaxy commercial for their new wireless transfer service, called S Beam, that is dripping with inappropriate sexual innuendo.

And fans are loving it. Already, the new commercial has over 100,000 views


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Okt 152011

Ever since Steve Harvey took over as the host for the long time running Family Feud game show, the questions are full of innuendo. He asks the questions, ‚Name something you put in you mouth, but don’t swallow.‘ Of course he’s going to get a ‚dirty‘ answer, and this time, it even comes from a self proclaimed pastor’s wife.  


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