Jul 102013

To promote their annual free Slurpee giveaway on the 11th of July, 7-11 commissioned YouTube famous Nathan Barnatt to take the company into the Internet world, and perform the ‚Slurpee Dance.‘ 

As expected, he dances in seemingly inhuman ways and acts a fool with outrageous visuals and Dubstep music blasting.


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Mai 132013

In case you haven’t already seen promotions strewn across the web, YouTube is hosting their first, official YouTube Comedy Week.

To make sure everyone hears about the event, YouTube recruited world famous bodybuilder, actor, and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in this YouTube Comedy Week promotional video.

Veteran viewers will recognize quick cameos by YouTubers Kyle MooneyNathan Barnatt​, and more.


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Jan 142013

It seems like every year the flu virus is the strongest and most dangerous ever! But that’s what ‚they‘ said last time. And the time before that!

Nevertheless, people across America are terrified of getting sick with the flu. Which gave ridiculous online personality Nathan Barnatt a great idea. 

Fake sneeze prank!

He enlisted his friend Whalid to walk around campus with him with a spray bottle, and fake sneeze on people. Reactions of slight disgust would be an understatement. 


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Nov 202012

Off the wall YouTuber  is best known for his out of this world antics, pranks, and public humiliations. For Thanksgiving this year, he dressed up as a turkey and ran around in public gobbling, all the while his friend and fellow YouTube prankster, Ed Bassmaster, chased him dressed as a turkey hunter . 



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Jul 022012

 is one of the Internet’s more strange personalities. But just when you thought he couldn’t get any weirder than Going Ostrich, Barnatt took things to the next level in his most ridiculous stunt yet. 

He literally hangs out of a driving car by just his feet, with his head just inches above the ground. It’s all part of his music video parody of Fast and Furious 5 and Vin Diesel, Driving Like Vince Diesel.


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