Sep 122016
Michael Phelps Lip Syncs “Lose Yourself” By Eminem

Rap star Eminem went from being a rare no-name white rapper to one of the most famous musicians in the world in just two decades. After winning countless gold medals at the Olympics yet again, it was only fitting for USA swimming star Michael Phelps to perform Eminem’s most famous song Lose Yourself on Lip Sync Battle on Spike, inspired from the movie 8 Mile. 


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Sep 062016
Teacher Performs Super Awkward School Themed Pop Music Medley On First Day

The first day of school is hard for everyone. The kids don’t want to be there. They still have fresh memories of a carefree summer. This teacher had a great idea to get the attention of her kids on the first day by singing a school-themed pop music medley. The only problem was that it’s the most awkward and cringey performance ever. And it seems to go on forever. 


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Sep 022016
Parents Caving In And Buying A Minivan Music Video

A lot of parents have been there before. They staunchly dig their heels in and declare that they will not cave in and buy a minivan. But that usually only lasts so long once they realize the benefits of the parent mobile. 

The Texting Yoga Pants poke fun at this sentiment in this viral music video, Never Thought I’d Do It, which has over 1.25 million hits!


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