Dez 092014
SNL Recreates An Awkward St. Louis Morning News Show After Ferguson Protests

The country is still in a tense state after the protests and riots that occurred after a grand jury failed to indict a police officer for shooting Michael Brown. Saturday Night Live tried to lighten the mood by recreating a peppy, upbeat St. Louis morning show after the angry protests. Things get awkward really fast.

For one reason or another, the clip never aired on TV, which has made viewers even more interested in the sketch. The video already has over two million hits, and has turned out to be SNL’s most popular clip from last weekend’s show. 


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Mai 022012

NSFW – language, content

Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest project is The Dictator. Even though it isn’t really a secret that Cohen is playing the character, he does such a good job, everyone plays along.

He, as in The Dictator ‚himself,‘ made a visit to Australia’s Nine Network Today morning show and things got a little too adult and controversial for a lighthearted morning show. He took things very far, and it’s awesome. 


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Jul 142011

I wish we had Australian TV here in America, even though it may not be as ‚clean‘ and ’sleek‘, it’s just so much more entertaining. On the Today morning show, the hosts talk with  Paul Burt about a possible shark in a local swimming lake. It starts off awkward when the hosts starts cracking up laughing, and ends even worse, when Paul throws his lure into the water to catch the shark, but ends up really catching a duck! TV gold. The video is featured on Asylum


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