Aug 082013

While performing in Montreal, American singer and musician Josh Groban asked one lucky girl to sing a little with him.

Little did he know the French-Canadian girl he picked at random had been singing most of her life. Together, they rocked Josh’s song To Where You Are and have garnered over 1.1 million hits


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Jan 292013

Australia has been pounded by water over the past few days, resulting in mass flooding. Some beaches have even seen sea foam from the serious flooding. 

But now their brethren in Montreal have been battling flood waters as well after a nearby reservoir burst. McGill University in Montreal, Canada experienced serious flooding after the break, so great that one student was swept away by a river that took over the quad. 

„Dude, somebody should probably go save her!“


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Dez 302012

Across America, snow plows are pushing walls of snow out of the streets, and dumping salt and sand across the highways. But in Canada, it’s a different story.

Just recently, Montreal was hit with so much snow, they had to commission construction-grade snow blowers to shoot the mounds of fluffy white stuff into truck beds that were lined up one after another. 

As the video by Nanioushka is so appropriately titled, O CanadaThe video has instantly gone viral after being featured on Reddit


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Dez 192012

MrNuclearCat was at a nice park in Montreal and spotted a beautiful Golden Eagle soaring the sky, so he took out his camera to capture the rare animal

Suddenly, the great bird swooped down, and before the cameraman could actually realize what was happening, actually snatched a cute toddler sitting on the grass with his family. 

Thankfully, the eagle realized this wasn’t your average groundhog, and dropped the little guy after a few moments. The child’s puffy winter coat acted as a buffer to the terribly sharp claws, so in the end the little guy was only in a fit of tears. As he should be. 

The new video already has over 1.3 million views, and is featured on sites like IndependentSayOMG, GeekHuffPost, and Neatorama


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