May 222013

It’s taken almost nine years, but the new XBox has just been unveiled, not as the 1080 as many fans speculated, but simply as the XBox One. 

Besides for a new Kinect sensor and controller, gamers can expect Microsoft’s fourth generation console to be a truly all-in-one entertainment machine, with live TV, Skype, social networking, and more. 

The unveiling video of the new console has instantly gone viral, amassing over 1.5 million views in one day. 


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Apr 302013

The smart phone wars have been raging for years now in both the marketplace and the courtroom, with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung‘s Galaxy in center ring. 

Online, Apple is famous for their ubiquitous artsy and powerful advertisements, while Samsung is known for poking fun at Apple

But, one brand of phones has seemingly been out of the picture this entire time, until now. 

Windows Phone maybe late to the party, but at least they know how to make a commercial that will trend online.

Using the same formula as Samsung, Microsoft tells a story of a wedding from two very different families, Samsung and Apple. 

Of course, the guests break out in a fight, all while the waiters wonder why no one uses the new Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone.

RedRum425 sums up the entire commercial, saying, “Funny commercial but so true even the fact that only 2 people had a windows phone.”


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Mar 022013

Literal MS Paint is a channel focused on recreating pop music videos using Microsoft Paint in a literal sense. The channel has been dormant for over a year, but they have finally resurfaced with a new music video cover.

Naturally, as Thrift Shop continues to trend online, they chose to recreate the popular music video by Macklemore. 


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Jan 242013

Microsoft has been going through some serious changes over the past year. Their new Windows 8, tile interface operating system is a huge step for the tech company, even if it is being met with consumer rejection.

They have also completely relaunched their greatly mocked Internet Explorer web browser. And with a relaunch comes a new marketing campaign.

In an attempt to attract older users from the 90′s who may have left for newer, faster, better products, they pull on the heartstrings of viewers in this nostalgic Child of the 90′s commercial that is now trending. 


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Nov 082012

Cinesaurus and  teamed up to post this humorous spoof of a cliche Apple iPad commercial that already has over 700,000 views

Microsoft has just launched their new Surface tablet, and it seems like the iPad might finally have a contender to deal with. At least, that’s seemingly inferred from this commercial parody. Only the sales number can truly tell which tablet shall rein supreme. 


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