Dec 092013
Harvard Med Students Explain ‘What Does The Spleen Do’ With ‘What The Fox Say’ Parody

Even young kids have a pretty good idea what tasks the lungs, heart, and even stomach perform. 

But many adults have no idea what the spleen does. 

To enlighten the web, and have fun doing so, the Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine class of 2016 made this hilarious music video parody of the Ylvis Internet sensation What The Fox and explain What Does The Spleen Do.


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Dec 072013
‘Saturday’ By Rebecca Black And Dave Days Is The Sequel To ‘Friday’ No One Asked For

She’s back! The Internet always knew this day would eventually come.

Friday famous Rebecca Black teamed up with YouTube musician Dave Days to finally deliver a sequel to her first viral hit. 

Naturally, it’s titled Saturday.  


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Dec 052013
How To Make A Viral Video ‘VIRAL SONG’ Music Video

Everyone wants to go viral these days, but how?

Popular YouTuber Tobuscus reveals the secret sauce in this humorous animated music video, VIRAL SONG

So what’s the recipe?

Cats, cats, laughing babies, hot ladies, a catchy music chorus that can be repeated, and don’t forget… educational facts about cashews?

And of course, post the song on iTunes


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Dec 032013
Rebecca Black Watches And Reacts To ‘Friday’ Years Later

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun on the Internet.

It may feel like just yesterday we all had Friday, Friday stuck in our heads, but it was actually over two years ago. 

Before she fully falls off the radar of the Internet, and because it was Black Friday (get it?), Rebecca Black has returned to re-watch and react to her mega million view meme sensation, and reminisce over the good times. And the bad. 


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Dec 032013
What Does The Fox Say On GLEE

When you have a professional television show, you’re bound to be a little late with the Internet parodies.

Web culture moves so fast that by the time the episode has been recorded, edited, and is finally ready for launch, the topic is already old.

So you can hardly blame GLEE for only now posting this cover of the Ylvis sensation What The Fox Say. At least they do a great job. 


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