Aug 232014
Robin Williams Seize the Day Inspiring Remix

As a tribute to Robin Williams, remix artist Melodysheep created this inspiring auto-tune remix music video from Robin’s past movies. Fans will recognize samples form Hook, Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, and more! The new video has already garnered over half a million hits!


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Apr 282013

Remember eccentric Walmart greeter Mr. Willie? Two weeks ago, Cdedman90 published video focused on the super-center greeter in Maumelle, Arkansas, and his unique fist bump greeting method. Bam! That video currently stands with over 1.1 million hits

The original was simply begging for an auto tune remix. Lucky for the Internet, popular remix artist Melody Sheep took on the case, publishing this epic remix last week


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Mrz 152013

Young marketers these days know that online is the future and TV is the past. So in a genius move, the marketing team at Lucky Charms teamed up with remix artist Melody Sheep to create a St. Patrick’s Day-themed auto tune music video from past Lucky Charms commercials. 


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Dez 312012

Melody Sheep, the popular auto-tuning remix nerd, has returned to the web with another dose of nerdy awesomeness. For his latest piece, he collaborated with the UK’s Channel 4 2012:Mashed special to celebrate the discovery of the Higgs boson particle. The music video is getting a viral kick start on TheDailyWhat, Devour, and Blippitt


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Dez 102012

PBS Digital Studios continues to work with popular online remix artist MelodySheep, and together, they have again published a remix from a a popular favorite from the past. 

For this publication, they chose to cover the 1980’s classic educational show Reading Rainbow, starring Star Trek famous LeVar Burton.

The week old auto-tune music video, titled In Your Imagination, has over 390,000 views, and is featured on Wired, LaughingSquid, PBS, and MostWatched


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