Mai 232013

John Adamson was visiting a chocolate factory in Melbourne Australia and found a very unique exhibit to wow guests that he just had to share with the web.

An array of detailed chocolates were set up in circles that when spun at high speed and flashed with a strobe light confuses the eye to make the chocolates appear animated. 

Now, his new short video of the moving chocolate has gone viral, amassing over 400,000 views in one day


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Jan 022013

Fireworks are a typical staple for a New Year’s celebration, just like the obnoxious 20xx glasses, cheap champagne, and plastic horn makers. So there’s not much special enough about fireworks to warrant a fireworks viral video. 

Or is there?

Jcltay took video of this year’s New Year’s Eve fireworks presentation in Docklands, Melbourne, and by reversing the video and adding Moon Behind the Tree, made a piece of art that is now going viral. 

The new video is featured on WebProNews, Devour, HaveYouSeenThis


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Aug 122012

Somehow, this outrageously nerdy video went two whole years before only going viral now over the weekend.

A person walked around the streets of Melbourne, Australia Wearing a very sweet and realistic Velociraptor suit, all while being ‚led‘ by the dinosaur handlers. The raptor snarled and awed street-goers with its realistic demeanor. 

Jurassic Park: Aussie Edition. 


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Jun 222012

Steven the cat lives with his owner in Melbourne, Australia, and loves to play with the guitar. He fancies himself a musician who is extremely devoted. 

How devoted, one might ask? When a 6.3 earthquake struck, Steven could barely be troubled to stop playing. And when he does stop, he only seems to be annoyed by the shaking. „Hey, Earth? Can you keep it down? I’m practicing here!“

Of course, like everything online, this too must be taken with a grain of salt. Already, the skeptics are screaming fake. Notice how kitty or even the stationary guitar never actually moves as a result of the shaking. It’s a simple camera trick done very well. So well in fact, that the fraud was featured on Channel Ten and Channel Seven. That’s embarrassing.  


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