Feb 212014
DHL Pranks Competitors To Deliver Boxes Reading ‘DHL Is Faster’

We’re in a new age of marketing where traditional ads just don’t capture the attention they used to. 

Knowing this, DHL attempted a much cheaper marketing ploy that included pranking their competitors. 

To pull off the prank, JvMNeckar reports DHL mailed giant packages with their competitors to difficult to find addresses that read ‘DHL IS FASTER.’

They had the boxes covered in a special temperature sensitive material so the words only appeared once the boxes were already on the delivery trucks. 



Via TastefullyOffensive and 22Words

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Apr 142013

Again, it seems the marketers of mega corporations have debuted another genius and hilarious Superbowl-worthy commercial during the regular year.

But viewers don’t care, they’re too busy laughing their pants off at this new Ship My Pants commercial by Kmart.

The advert features shocked and pleasantly surprised KMart shoppers learning that free shipping is available on all products, including pants, beds, and drawers. 

Naturally, shoppers can’t help but scream, “I just shipped my pants!”

Viewers do a double take upon hearing the commercial, assuming they heard the common expletive instead of the word ‘ship.’

In less than a week, the video has amassed over 5 million views, and over 28,000 likes


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Oct 152012

The marketers at  have learned from so many other brands that if you put in the right effort, and don’t insult your audience, you can make a truly viral marketing video and reap in the free views. 

But you have to do it right, and H&P did just that, commissioning world famous Snoop Dogg to parody his own song, Park It Like It’s Hot

Snoop, along with Internet rap star DeStorm and MTV star Andy Milonakis, drop a sick new beat in honor of Hot Pockets in Pocket Like It’s Hot that has instantly gone viral. Already, the viral commercial has garnered over two million views and 4,000 likes


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Sep 262012

After the great success of their first meta-meme viral video featuring Jennifer Aniston, Smart Water has again gone viral with a celebrity focused viral marketing video. 

This time, Ryan Seacrest reports the fake story that Jennifer Aniston’s home security tapes have been leaked. Completely by chance, all the tapes seem to include Smart Water icons and products.

Now, the week old viral marketing campaign has been a relative success, garnering over 2.6 million views so far. 


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Apr 122012

Coca-Cola is one of the world’s greatest marketers. Their drinks are in countries where running water, electricity, and proper sanitation are rare, but there’s plenty of Coke and Sprite at the local shops.

Coke’s most recent global marketing campaign is called Open Happiness, which has been a popular success around the world. And their latest video is no exception. 

Coke set up a very amazing and awesome vending machine that said, ‘Hug Me,’ on the front in the same familiar font we all recognize. And when you actually hug the machine, it gives you a free Coke! The video is featured by RyanSeacrest and Mashable


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