Okt 082016
Awesome Melting Skull Make-Up

Desi Perkins impresses us again with her perfect make-up inspiration for Halloween. A melting skull-face – neat!

„Halloween is here!!! I’ve noticed every year I do a skull and I thought for sure this year I wouldn’t but look where we are šŸ¤”“

via: boingboing

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Jun 122014
Terrifyingly Realistic Uruk Hai Goes Grocery Shopping

Nerds will recall that theĀ Uruk-hai are the monstrous orc creatures from theĀ Lord of the Rings universe. For a makeup project, artistĀ Rossanne Puck AafjesĀ turnedĀ Olivier RichtersĀ into a terrifying recreation of one of the beasts. Together, they went shopping in Amsterdam to shock the locals.Ā 


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