Dez 122015
Mailman Fights Off Turkeys With Big Stick

If you ask a child what animal likes to chase the mailman, nearly every single kid would answer „dog.“ But that’s not the case in the town where CapeCodWave lives. Instead of dogs chasing and biting the mailman, there are wild turkeys! 

Turkeys everywhere! It seems to be such a standard issue that the mailman walks around with a big stick to fend the giant birds off. 


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Okt 032013
Lazy USPS Worker Drives On Front Lawn To Deliver Mail

Just when the web thought it was only FedEx workers who apparently don’t take their jobs seriously comes this latest security camera video promoting iSpyConnect

The short clip published by YouTube channel Sorikan showcases an extremely lazy postal worker who took the effort to drive her USPS truck onto the front lawn of the address she was delivering mail to.

You know, instead of parking on the side of the road like a normal human and walking the fifteen feet to the front door. 


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Sep 292013
Mailman Fight Prank

Popular YouTube pranksters Ed Bassmaster and Jack Vale collaborated to pull a doozy of a prank on a crowded boardwalk. 

Dressed as a mailman, Ed walked the streets drinking from a flask, stealing birthday card money, and throwing mail away, all in front of shocked passersby.

Finally, his ’supervisor‘ Jack found him and the two had a scuffle in front of a bewildered crowd.

As if the post office doesn’t have a bad enough reputation…


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Apr 262013

This video was posted by TVPatter a month ago, but it has only exploded online now, amassing over a quarter million views in just days. A toddler apparently being babysat was standing by the front door screaming, ‚Dad!‘

Thing is, the man outside wasn’t dad. It was the postman. While the babysitter tried to explain that dad was coming later, the postman shoved the mail through the slot on the front door, knocking the poor little toddler right in the face.

„Harsh but funny.“


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Feb 212013

Royal Postman Josh Wapiano says this is his last week as a working mailman, so he’s decided to show the engineering secret of the post office. The ILSM, or Intelligent Letter Sorting Machine, does all the dirty work for people these days. 

The amazing machine processes multiple letters a second, deciding where around the country to send them. It has even learned to read bad handwriting over time. 


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