Sep 232013
How Do Magnets Work?

Even as an adult, magnets seem almost magical. How can two seemingly lifeless elements attract each other with such great force? How do they work?

Educational science channels Minute Physics and Veritasium teamed up to explain the natural phenomenon that is a such a part of our everyday lives. 


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Sep 212013
Magnetic Polar Pen Commercial

The polar pen is an ingenious pen made from magnets, but it’s really so much more. It’s a stylus, a protractor, a toy, and more! 

The device was created by Andrew Gardner, and was launched on KickStarter 25 days ago. 

Incredibly, the device has accumulated over $170,000 in pledges, far surpassing its original modest goal of just $14,000. 

Could this be the pen of the future that the next generation grows up with? Bye, bye Bic.

As always, don’t let the young ones play with small magnets as they are a safety hazard. 


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Mai 142012

There’s always one person taking body modifications to the next level. If you thought the girl who works at Starbucks with a couple tattoos and piercings on her face was ‚extreme,‘ then get ready for this. 

Tattoo artist and body modifier Dave Hurban wanted to make a name for himself, and gosh did he succeed. He implanted four magnets on his wrist to hold his iPod Nano straplessly. Read more on Time, DigitalTrends, and NJ


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