Dez 072012

Yann Frisch’s famous slight of hand routine is trending again. His bit involves just a tea pot, tea cup, and one tomato.

With nothing else he performs an amazing magic show like no other and now his recent performance at the 2012 Beijing International Magic Convention is going viral as well. 


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Mrz 262012

 and Erik Rosales performed a very special technology magic show at European trade show MIPIM to promote business in Stockholm. Using a mix of physical ‚magic‘ and iPad technology, the duo express why conducting business in the capital of Sweden is such a great idea.

The video amassed more than 170,000 views over the weekend, and is featured on BlameItOnTheVoicesBestOfYouTube, and Reddit.


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Mrz 082012

Stand up comedy is hard enough, but mixing dry, awkward, yet intellectually stimulating humor with magic is a level few can attain. This video from the 2008 World Magic Awards 2008 hosted by none other than NPH just started to trend again. The video features the winner for Best Teenage Magician, the very talented, funny, and perfectly awkward fifteen year old Kyle Eschen


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Mrz 042012

Tech geeks and Apple fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for any information concerning Apple’s latest product, the iPad 3. But, as usual, Apple is keeping a thick veil over the beloved tablet computer. In honor of the upcoming third gen iPad, Apple magician  performed a special iPad 3 ‚review‘ magic show that is sure to entertain. 


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Okt 112011

Most chemistry classes are as boring as watching paint dry. But The Wizard, who just happens to be a chemist, offers a very exciting chemistry class. Really he performs chemistry magic shows. This is just perfect for Halloween.  


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