Nov 222013
Ellen Replaces Don Draper’s Cigarettes With Party Horns On ‘Mad Men’

Yesterday was the Great American Smoke Out when smokers are encouraged to try and not light up for the whole day in the hopes that they quit. 

To promote the healthy day, Ellen decided to see what the popular AMC show Mad Men would look like without cigarettes. As the show takes place in the 1960′s, Don Draper almost always has a smoke in his mouth.

So Ellen replaced his cigs with party horns.

Ahh, much better.  



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Apr 242013

Artist Only Leigh is one dedicated wife. For her husband Oren’s birthday last week, she created this very special TV Bday PALOOZA video–a compilation of recreated TV show opening sequences she put together, each with a twist to represents a specific part of his life. 

Other TV obsessed viewers will recognize the likes of their favorite shows, such as Mad Men, New Girl, The Office, and more. Now, in just a week, the video has collected over 425,000 hits


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Apr 172013

Sesame Street loves inviting popular celebrities to star on their kid shows to help keep bored parents engaged. The most recent big name to visit Sesame Street is Mad Men star Jon Hamm. 

He and the red and cuddly Elmo discuss sculptures in the video that is already featured on Vulture, Mashable, Gothamist, and UpRoxx


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Sep 042012

Cutting up movies and TV shows and reediting the footage in music in a difficult task that, when done correctly, produces fantastic results. 

 is the publisher of the latest TV show cut-up music video to go viral. LaughingSquid reports the video is a success for mixing two Internet favorites, AMC’s hit TV show Mad Men and Rick Rolling

The viral video is also covered on UpRoxx, MashableTheDailyWhat, Nerdist, and TheAtlanticWire


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