Mrz 052013

The BNP Paribas Tennis Showdown was just held in Manhattan, New York City. Just for fun, professional tennis player Rafael Nadal asked celebrity in the stands Ben Stiller to join him for a few volleys while playing Juan Martin Del Potro.

Juan also picked a fan from the fans as his teammate. A random little girl. Viewers expected the audience to side with the little girl, but no one expected her to perform so well. 

The adorable match was caught on camera by Romi Cvitkovic, and now the video is going viral. 


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Nov 012012

By now, everyone is sick of the election. The people who are into politics knew who they were voting for for months now, and the people who don’t care, don’t care.  

‚ adorable four year old daughter Abigael is in the „don’t care“ club. She’s so sick of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, she burst into tears after hearing about the two presidential nominees one too many times in this adorable two day old viral video that already has over 1.8 million views

Apparently, Abigael and Elizabeth were listening to NPR when Abigael couldn’t take it anymore. „I’m tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney!“ she cried out.


Thanks Sharon!

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Okt 302012

What is so magical about childhood? Broken down, it’s the novelty of seeing the world and its awesome magic for the first time. 

That can be the only explanation for ’s lackluster reaction to seeing water reflect and spray off a spoon, something terribly boring for a grown adult. On the flip side, the little girl she was babysitting was truly amazed by the physics of water. 


Now, the cute two day old video has gone viral, garnering over 150,000 views


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Aug 072012

Our good friends from  has quickly gone viral with their latest at the mall prank. They set up a girl with four buckets of coins, two are real and are very heavy, while the two she handles are fake and are very light. 

All under the watchful eye of the candid camera, the little girl asked volunteers for help moving the buckets. They are all shocked how they can barely move the bucket an inch, yet the little girl has no problem at all. 


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Mai 252012

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips faced off head to head in this year’s American Idol finale, and Philip ended up with the crown. 

But poor Laney wanted Jessica to win, and she is not happy with the bad news. Naturally, in this day and age her mom was quick to record her temper tantrum. 

The video is featured on YouTubeTrends and TheFW.


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