Aug 042013

Above Average is getting a head start on YouTube Geek Week with this brand new Star Wars parody, We Meet Again.

After fighting countless dark warriors, Jedi Jonas is again confronted by his evil nemesis. They are two sides of the same coin, forever connected in battle.

And Jonas just can’t remember his name. 


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May 302013

This week old video by laser obsessed Styropyro has gone viral this week, scooping up over half a million views. The laser tech demonstrates his Homemade Lightsaber which pumps out 3000mW of power. 

The beam is so strong, many objects instantly burst into flames after just skimming the focused light. He even admits the laser is stronger than he is comfortable with, but wanted to please the web. 

Obviously, the Internet is pleased as the video is still going viral, appearing on UpRoxxVideoSift, Discovery, Gizmodo, and Google+.


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Mar 192013

Let’s face it. Even the most grown up of viewers can’t help but imagine using a phaser from Star Trek, or the light saber from Star Wars

Sneaky Zebra feels similar, so they made this epic Props War video, featuring three friends fighting to the death using all the coolest prop weapons from Hollywood

The phaser, Thor’s hammer, the light saber, and more all make a glorious appearance in the new action video that is quickly picking up views. 


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Jul 082012

Lightsaber fanatic  is obviously a huge Star Wars fan and naturally wants to show his daughter the ways of the Force.

As all nerds know, proper Jedi training must begin at a very young age, so dad already gave his eleven month old daughter her first lightsaber. As they duel, it becomes apparent that we have a future Princess Leia on our hands. 


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May 092012

Adding lightsabers to already famous viral videos is always a fun Internet pass time. The latest video to get the lightsaber treatment is the Man VS Goose video, where a man fights an attacking wild goose at the park. With added lightsabers, the battle is even more fun!


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