Feb 222012

Two new children’s films are set to debut this year, both based on famous books. The Lorax, based on the book by Dr. Suess and The Secret World Of Arriett, based on the Borrowers by Mary Norton. 

 brings us this Fox News clip featuring their new host who just recently left CNN for being too conservative, Lou Dobbs. Naturally, Dobbs fits right in at Fox and is mortified that Hollywood is brainwashing our kids with these liberal indoctrinating movies. Of course, he leaves out the fact that the very famous and successful books the films are based on held those values originally. 


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Okt 312011

James O’Keefe is a conservative activist best known for releasing a video in 2009 that seemed to show ACORN helping a pimp, and in 2011 for catching NPR executives on tape being seemingly sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood and liberals. Both videos were edited, and opponents say the unedited tapes tell a different story.

Well, O’Keefe’s latest ’sting‘ covers NYU professors Jay Rosen and Clay Shirky. The (again edited) tapes seem to show them talking about how they and the New York Times favored Obama in 2008 and in the present. As expected, conservatives are cheering James on, while liberals shout the tapes are out of context and are edited. Read more on BoingBoing and BigJournalism


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Okt 132011

As the #OccupyWallStreet protest continue to grow, the media struggles to understand the movement. Right wing media has been quick to call the movement anarchist and dangerous in nature, while liberals have cheered the movement on. It’s almost a direct inverse of the Tea Party protests in everyday.

Florida Congressman, Alan Grayson, was on Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time, and when finally given the chance to explain, gives the protesters a clear and concise voice and message. 


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Sep 222011

Elizabeth Warren explains in simple terms how America got in the debt situation she finds herself. By putting two wars basically ‚on credit card,‘ and implementing a prescription drug program that was also unpaid for, America went in trillions of dollars in debt in a relatively short time.

Warren also explains that rich people used social resources like roads, police protection, infrastructure, and more to help make their business a success. Once successful, the rich should help and give their fair share back to the community.

As expected, conservatives cry that she is a just implementing more class warfare. Liberal cheer that she is on target. Read more on USAToday


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Aug 232011

in 1936, FDR was running for reelection. He gave this sarcastic speech pointing out what conservatives will say. The political speech is gaining in popularity today, as it still rings true. One political spectrum will say we can fix what the other side has messed up. And back and forth the volley of power continues. 


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