Mai 012012

 changed the way politicians campaign in 2008 by being the first to truly take advantage of the Internet, spreading viral videos and information across social networks. His slogan ‚Yes We Can‘ was the pinnacle of the 2008 campaign, and helped win him a seat in the White House.

But now that all the hype and buzz surrounding the first black president has faded, the Obama campaign has been trying to find a new slogan. Now they have, and it’s even more simple than the last. 


As usual, liberals are crying out in support for their man, while conservatives honorably disagree. 


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Apr 252012

The President has finally returned to television after a lengthy hiatus, and wisely chose Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to start with. Of course, Late Night’s audience is generally liberal and young, the exact ears President Obama wanted to reach.

For the Slow Jam The News segment, Jimmy introduced President Barack Obama, and together they slow jammed the news about the set rise in interest rates on Stafford Student Loans.

Of course, the media is already buzzing about the segment, with the left calling the president a good strategist, and the right calling him a propagandist. Read more on WallStreetJournal, WashingtonPost, and EntertainmentWeekly.


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Mrz 162012

After just the trailer went viral, the official  YouTube page has finally published their short documentary, The Road We’ve Traveled. It has instantly gone viral in liberal circles, and, as expected, is touted as simple campaign propaganda by conservatives.

No matter how one feels about the president, there’s no doubting he will be remembered as one of the most historic, as the video explains.


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Mrz 092012

Tom Hanks narrates this official trailer for The Road We’ve Traveled, a documentary of the Barack Obama presidency. The full feature will be published on the 15th, and focuses on how far America has come from the economic fears of 2008. 


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Mrz 082012

Both sides of the political spectrum are trumpeting this vintage video from 1991 that just recently surfaced of a much younger Barack Obama. He spoke at a protest to demand tenure for minority and female law professors. The video has just been licensed to Buzzfeed and is covered by Andrew Kaczynski . 


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