Jan 232013

Remember when Barack Obama went viralviral singing the first verse to Al Green’s soulful classic Let’s Stay Together?

Well, now that his second term has just been locked in, the auto tune masters at Schmoyoho just had to celebrate, so they teamed up with equally respected Barack’s Dubs.

Together, they created this spot-on auto tune remix video which seemingly shows the President of the United States finishing the song he started so long ago.


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Jan 202012

Barack Obama may have lost a lot of his charm and pizzazz since he was first elected as a result of the bad economy, but it seems the president might be letting his friendly side shine again as his reelection nears. While giving a speech at the Apollo Theatre in New York City, Obama let out a few musical notes from the beginning of Al Green’s classic Let’s Stay Together making the crowd go wild. 


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