Okt 202016
Riding a Skateboard Made of LEGO

Braille Skateboarding did it again. After Stilts and bullet proof glass they went with the plastic option. Peter Brown put together a LEGO skateboard for the guys to ride with. Does it break?

There also is an interesting making of to the production of the LEGO board:
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Okt 122016
Super Smooth Lego Death Star Stopmotion

It is surprisingly entertaining to watch Bart van Dijk building his 500 Euro model of the Death Star in Lego. Good thing, timelapse has been invented, otherwise we’d have to watch for several days, I assume…

„This is the new Lego Death Star. It’s setnumber 75159 and counts 4016 pieces. I struggled with the speed… What do you think of it?“

via: theawesomer

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Aug 142016
Lego Plane Crash In Slow Motion

What’s the best part of building towering cities with Lego? Smashing the it all to bits, Godzilla-style of cours. The Slow Mo Guys decided to play like kids again by building a Lego city and destroying it with a Lego airplane, all in super slow motion. 


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