Mrz 302015
What Happens When Lava Meets Ice

That’s a good question. What actually happens when you pour boiling hot lava onto a sheet of ice? You might assume the lava would instantly melt the ice, but you’d be wrong. The Science Channel performs the actual science experiment in this mind blowing viral video


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Feb 122014
Can Of Chef Boyardee Ravioli Being Smothered By Lava

After the success of his Coke can being smothered by lava video, Volcano artist Lavapix tried the same thing with some Chef Boyardee.

How hot is lava?

So hot that a can of Ravioli will exploded from the heat after being smothered by the molten rock in under a minute. 

Mmmm, exploding and blacken Chef Boyardee. My favorite!


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Jan 232014
Coke Cans Being Smothered By Flowing Lava Is Oddly Mesmerizing

Artist and volcano enthusiast LavaPix may have inadvertently created a genius commercial for Coke with his latest piece.

At an undisclosed volcano, he dropped two cans of Coca-Cola into thick, viscous, 2000 degree flowing lava.

The results are oddly mesmerizing, and have even been featured by the official YouTube Goolge+ page.


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Jun 262012

Not to be dark and depressing, but a test was done to see if a person would float when jumping from a great height into lava. In normal circmstances, due to its high density, a person would generally be expected to remain on the surface of lava. 

To perform the test, a bag of (mostly) organic rubbish was tossed into Erta Ale Volcanoes lava lake.

At first it seems like a good way to dispose of trash. The volcano eats up the bag no problem. But then it seems the great mountain is angered by our trash, and starts to seriously bubble. Oh, boy. They’ve gone and upset the volcano gods now. 

The ten day old video published by  stands with over 210,000 views. 


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