Apr 052012

 made headlines last month with their super viralviral documentary, Kony 2012. Now that the initial wave of ‘internet-activism’ has calmed, they have published the second part of the documentary. They attempt to deflect an critism that the campaign was merely a money making mission. Read more on FoxNews, USAToday, and TheDailyWhat.


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Mar 252012

NSFW – language

By now, the KONY 2012 viral surge has subsided. Internet ‘activists’ shared the video with their moms, dads, and grandparents helping the video reach over 85 million views.

But even though the campaign has been a huge success, critics claim the charity  that made the film really was just reaping the benefits of the donations. Also, that there are countless worse and more horrible militant leaders in the world to worry about. 

Crazy animation channel  published this video in response to the KONY 2012 campaign on Friday, and now it already stands with more than 650,000 views. They really tear apart all the ‘activists’ who thought they were making a difference. 


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